Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum Zakład bioinformatyki i telemedycyny

E- learning

E - learning means to learn or teach using the educational potential offered by new IT technologies.
In Bioinformatic and Telemedicine it is used series of supporting the teaching process eg.



Pegaz(Moodl) is the e-learning platform. We use this platform to organize courses for medical students as well for dental students, PhD students and specialists in dietary and veterinary education. This platform is united with USOS system responsible for administrative activities at University. All documents are in electronic versions making the access to any information easy and effective.

We are ready to help any person interested In application of Pegaz system for his/her teaching process.



he case-based, multimedia learning and authoring system designed to meet all your professional training and further education needs.




Bit Pathways

Program “Bit-Pathways” is offered to students as well as repository of Virtual Patients. The simulation of biological and physiological processes in human body is taken as main goal for activity of e-learning team.